Will Coke Booze be big in Japan?

Coca-Cola hopes so: “The soda maker, best known for Coke, Sprite and Fanta, says it’s experimenting with a canned beverage that would be a mix of sparkling water and an alcoholic Japanese drink. The Atlanta-based company declined to say when the drink may launch or what it would be called.”  Personally, I’m always fond of a nice, straightforward rum-and-coke. It’s a good bar drink when you’re at the convention, you don’t need to drive anywhere, but you’re doing your drinking slowly because there’s going to be food at some point and you want to be able to sustain a conversation until then.

At least, that’s me. Rum is largely my go-to hard booze, mostly because tequila is beautiful, sincere, and no good for me at all. And I’m not much of a Scotch man; I know, it’s horrible, but at least I’m not drinking yours, right? Anyway: I figure that the commercials for this product will bemuse people no end when they eventually surface in the States — or does Japan allow those kinds of commercials? It’s a big world out there and I can’t keep track of everything.