Amity Shlaes interview on Coolidge over at PJ Media.

Ed Driscoll did the interview: Amity Shlaes, of course, is the [author*] of both The Forgotten Man (a very useful look at the Great Depression, particularly if you’re tired of FDR’s WWII-derived halo) and her new book Coolidge (and I find it entertaining that she made that joke in the title).  I’ve been looking forward to the latter book for some time; I also hope to interview Amity myself for RedState.  I’ll keep you posted on that.

[* Fixed.  Sorry!]

#rsrh Amity Shlaes bringing out book on Coolidge.

As Ed Driscoll notes, it’s scheduled for June.  The title is simply “Coolidge“: hopefully you’ll get the joke.

Anyway, I very much liked Shlaes’ most well-known book The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression – it was any number of useful correctives to the existing narrative on the Great Depression, and it’s sort of depressing about how many of those correctives involve simply narrating events in a neutral tone – so I expect that I shall pick up this book.