Infamous Obama Cultist song ‘Sing for Change,’ six years later.

This song first showed up in  2008, and it did not age well.  I’m going to put the lyrics under the fold, largely because people need to be reminded about just how messed up some parents can get when it comes to using their children as political props, but let me just note something first: lots of those kids are now trying to find summer jobs.  Good luck, kids! – Because the folks that would hire you for said summer job can just as easily get a fifty year old these days, and frankly they’d rather have those.

And you can thank Barack Obama for that. Continue reading Infamous Obama Cultist song ‘Sing for Change,’ six years later.

The Modern Cult Film?

This is a surprisingly hard question to answer:

…not that I can, given that I’m almost 43*. But Sonny Bunch gives it a go.

Moe Lane

PS: If I answer the question anyway? I suspect that we’re going to have more of a situation where movie clips become cult. For example: The Hitler Bunker clip, or the Anchorman Trident scene. People ‘know’ those even if they’ve never seen the films in question.

*Damned if I know what happened, either. Fortunately, I generally like being the age that I actually am.