Time for Herman Cain to take a three-day weekend.

This is not ‘jumping’ the shark.  This is using a parasail to hover above the shark, all the while throwing chum at it.

Background: Cain’s Chief of Staff Mark Block went on the air today to admit, yeah, it really couldn’t have been former Cain staffer Curt Anderson who leaked the original Cain sexual harassment story to Politico, given that Anderson’s denied it in Politico – and is now giving permission to every reporter that Anderson’s ever talked to about Cain ever to reveal the details of those conversations.  For those unfamiliar with the way Washington, DC works: that’s either suicide or supreme self-confidence… and the fact that Anderson is still upright and walking around kind of suggests that it wasn’t suicide.  So, that issue’s over at least, right?  Nope!  Herman Cain went on the air after Block did and indicated that he still suspects Anderson.  Because, you know, Perry Perry Perry Perry Perry.

And, oh yeah: they’re going to think about suing Politico.  Because they weren’t grinding metal on this story enough already. Continue reading Time for Herman Cain to take a three-day weekend.