Tweet of the Day, …Oh, *Cynthia* edition.

I almost miss the insane frothing-mad lunatic; watching her get booted out of office twice was a high point of my earlier days.

The problem is, of course, that Cynthia McKinney had to be in office in order to be unceremoniously booted from it; and Congress is not actually a live-action roleplaying game. Certain Members of Congress’s private opinions to the contrary. So, better this way.

I guess.

Moe Lane

#rsrh Hey, it’s Cynthia McKinney!

Who is not committing treason by going onto Libyan TV to attack the USA and provide pro-Qaddafi propaganda – but that’s only because President Barack Obama is in flagrant violation of the War Powers Act.

We call that a ‘missed opportunity,’ Mr. President.  Trust me: locking up Tripoli Cyndi* for treason – or at least sedition; surely we could make a sedition charge stick –  would get you a point back with Republicans, at no cost to anybody else’s support.  It would have been a no-brainer, is what I’m saying.

Via Weasel Zippers.

Moe Lane

*The final ‘i’ added with malice aforethought.

Cynthia McKinney’s boat sinks*.

(Via Israel Matzav) The boat being the “Dignity,” which was a blockade runner supporting Hamas that tried to bull its way through the Israeli’s interdiction of Gaza, and discovered that when wood meets steel, wood gives way. Anyway, it’s at the bottom of the Mediterranean now:

‘Free Gaza’ Leftist Ship Capsized

( A boat used by the leftist “Free Gaza” organization to challenge Israel’s sovereignty over Gaza waters capsized on Monday. The ship, Dignity, was used “to protest the embargo” imposed by the IDF as a means of preventing Hamas terrorists from importing weaponry.

The group’s spokesperson, Ramzi Kysia, said that the 66-foot (20 meter) length boat capsized due to poor weather conditions. He added that he does not suspect that the boat was sabotaged in any way.

I don’t know if ‘sabotaged in any way’ is quite accurate, though. I would personally say that ‘owned and crewed by people who voluntarily have inserted their thumb in their anus’ qualifies.

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