#rsrh I am disgusted by Big Government’s haystack.

Disgusted and sickly envious: what the hell does a man have to do to get the kind of unhinged conspiracy theorizing that ‘stack scored, there? – Because whatever the requirements are, dammit, I’ve earned some.  I mean, I dunno: work for nine years at the craft of blogging, help create one of the most influential go-to Right-political websites out there, and what do I have to show for it?

Yes, yes, an iPad 2 and a turnaround time of two hours on callbacks.  Hush, I’m busy feeling put-upon and petulant.

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#rsrh What to do with R2000 polls?

The falling-out – and fallout – between Research 2000 and the Daily Kos has been entertaining, and promises to be much so in the future.   The counter-suing has already begun (by the way; every lawyer I know is goggle-eyed at the way that Moulitsas’ attorney has set himself and his client up for a defamation lawsuit, completely independent of the fraud lawsuit), and both sides seem determined to make me cheerfully root for injuries, so this is going to be fun.

But there is a serious question: what do we do about the polls out there now?

DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas is asking poll-trackers to remove from their sites what he calls the “bunk” Research 2000 polls he once sponsored, after he expressed doubt on the accuracy of the company’s numbers. And if poll-trackers comply, some Republicans could see a bump in their poll averages on those sites.

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