Of the silliest one of the silliest ten Time covers…

featured by Reason, I’m going to have to go with this one:


…if only because the article (click the image to read) combines a such a heaping level of nonsense about contemporary occultism with what was actually a decent review of historical occultism*. Plus, as Reason notes the occultism hysteria eventually gave us the Dungeons & Dragons hysteria… which produced some truly spectacular additions to the arts, like Mazes and Monsters. The reality, of course, is that it was all more like The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, but try telling that to a worried mom.

I should also note that if, after reading that article, you want to actually GAME 1970’s-style bad occultism – and why wouldn’t you – you absolutely need Mythic Vistas: Damnation Decade. The filmography section alone is worth the purchase price; it does a marvelous job at separating out the Crap Seventies Films Worth Watching from the Just the Crap Seventies Films.

Moe Lane

*Mind you, back then journalists ripped off actual encyclopedias, not Wikipedia.

Mini sorta-not really review: Damnation Decade.

It’s a roleplaying supplement, so if you don’t care about playing an RPG that puts you in the middle of every cliche-ridden, impressively bad SF / horror / urban movie of the 1970s… well, actually, I’m sorry to hear that. The suggested film list alone was worth the price.

Anyway, for the nerdcore reading this: Damnation Decade is a very cool supplement for 3rd Edition D&D Modern; it explores the genre of the 1970s disaster flick, and manages to cram everything in there from Satanic conspiracies to end the world to government conspiracies to end the world to giant rabbits (as in, the size of Buicks) attacking Presidential candidates. One of the nice things about this supplement is that it made a conscious effort to take sides in the issues of those days; worked pretty well, too.

OK, we know that I’m bad at reviews. Essentially, this is a gaming supplement that will let you run adventures ranging from The Omen to Three Days of the Condor, with stuff like The Warriors, Mad Max, and Every Which Way but Loose thrown in.  Plus, there is the aforementioned film list, which I spent a good three months chewing through.  Turns out half of these movies are available dirt cheap…

Yeah, go figure.