Just finished @HPLHS’s The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.

As to the novel itself, I am persuaded by Ken Hite:

Which is perhaps the most frightening thing, to me at any rate, about this piece. A (patchwork?) first draft, written in well under two months in 1927 and abandoned wrongly and foolishly by the author, is the second-greatest horror novel of all time. (Lovecraftian italics very much intentional.) The mind reels at how good a novel, and perhaps how many more years of Lovecraft’s life, he and we were cheated of by HPL’s “renunciation” of this work. It sat in pieces in his files or wherever for the next decade, while *four separate publishers* asked him if he had a novel they could see. Talk about lost and saved in a library.

…The radio play does it justice.  It’s two hours long, but The Case of Charles Dexter Ward is worth it if you at all enjoy audio-only horror.  This one may be my single favorite HPLHS Dark Adventure Radio Theater, and I rate this series highly.  They really do get the atmosphere right in this particular production.

25% off @HPLHS’s Dark Adventure Radio Theater downloads.

Just what it says on the label. I enjoy Dark Adventure Radio Theater quite a bit, even though I’m no longer really in a position to pick them up whenever I’d like. The 25% off is for downloads only, and ends Wednesday: so if you’re traveling for Thanksgiving, yeah, they’re great for long car rides.

Dang, this Dark Adventure Radio Theater ‘Brotherhood of the Beast’ looks pretty.

Specifically, the $124 Deluxe version, which I’d say is more or less designed to supplement Chaosium’s 1998 Day of the Beast supplement (which is itself an update for their The Fungi From Yuggoth).  That price is for the pre-order, by the way; if you wait until they start producing the whole thing, the price will apparently go significantly up.  Alas, while it’s very pretty it’s being released at pretty much the wrong part of the gift-giving schedule here at Chez Lane…

New DART (Thing on the Doorstep) coming out soon!

As in, maybe by the end of the week.

Already pre-ordered; The Thing on the Doorstep is one of HP Lovecraft’s more interesting works for me, because it’s one that takes place in an area that would have been within HPL’s own comfort zone.  It’s not out in the wilderness, or the depths of space, or even – horror of horrors! – NYC; this is a horror story that’s set right in the man’s backyard, and that gives it a little extra flavor.  Plus, this is one that should work well on radio.

Tough choice to make on the next @HPLHS Dark Adventure Radio Theater.

I’m going to pick up one of them (via here), certainly: but do I go with ‘At The Mountains of Madness’ or ‘The Shadow Over Innsmouth?’  Both are perfectly translatable into radio drama; and I like both stories about equally, so there’s no help there. And they both got good reviews, so there’s no help there.

And no, ‘get them both’ is not currently an option. Alas.