Yeaaahhhh, let me just go check the iPad, there.

Is data roaming off?  Why yes, it is.  Good:

A woman in Florida recently bought her brother a phone and put him on her plan. But little did she know that her brother’s two-week trip to Canada would result in a 43-page bill for more than $201,000.


Apparently what had happened was that her brother had not turned the data roaming off on his phone during his trip to Canada. More than 2,000 texts and a number of downloaded videos later and — at $10/megabyte — you end up with a phone bill larger than many mortgages.

Note that T-Mobile eventually was ‘nice’ by reducing the bill to a mere $2,500.  And I suspect that the final amount was calculated to the penny, based on the optimum ratio of money retrieved / negative PR.

Via @seanhackbarth.