House Ways/Means Chair Dave Camp to retire. And the DCCC is helpless.

Oh, sure, the DCCC is going to put a nice face on it over there, because that’s what you do when you don’t have the money or the votes.  But it’s the wrong cycle for a pickup and the Democrats are not going to win the governorship and they’re now looking less and less likely to keep the Senate seat and MI-04 is R+4, which right now is about as accessible to the Democrats as is, say, the Moon. The best part? …The DCCC will have to pretend that it’s a possibility, because doing anything else will shut down the revenue streams.

Yes, I am crying inside.

More details here.

Budget Update: White House STILL thinking ‘I won.’

I think that this quote by Dave Camp, House Ways and Means Chair, helps illustrate the exact nature of Obama’s fairly disastrous gaffe Wednesday:

“But then I thought, maybe if I can’t figure out who to call, they need to call me,” he said. “It’s their agenda they need to get through the House.”

Background: as my readers probably remember, Camp, House Budget Chair Paul Ryan, and House Republican Conference Chair Jeb Hensarling were all invited Wednesday to President Obama’s combined collection of platitudes/attempts to bully his political opponents.  As the three Republicans were not expecting the latter – it’s bad form to attack other people when they’re in a position where basic politeness requires them not to answer in kind* – they’re kind of ticked off.  Ryan in particular has not been shy about saying so; and at this point it’s starting to look like any input by the White House into the upcoming budget negotiations will be as welcome as Nancy Pelosi’s – which is a polite way of saying that the White House’s input will not be welcomed at all.


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