Tweet of the Day, I May Be Missing A Cultural Referent Here edition.

Is this something that resonates in England? – Because I’m pretty sure that every person reading this has been to a party where drugs ‘may’ have been present. [air quotes] “May.”

Via @TheRickWilson.

Brits refuse to join @barackobama’s Syrian Adventure.

…Wait.  What?

The Obama administration’s plans to strike at Syria lost its most important foreign ally tonight when the British government said it would not take part in any military action against Syria for its suspected use of chemical weapons.

The announcement by British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond came after Prime Minister David Cameron was defeated in the House of Commons when he put it to a vote.

Cameron said it was clear that Parliament did not want to see British military action.

“I get that and the government will act accordingly,” the prime minister said.

Via Hot Air, which also notes that this could very well mean the fall of the Cameron government (it certainly weakened it).  The Daily Mail: Continue reading Brits refuse to join @barackobama’s Syrian Adventure.