#rsrh Yes, David Carr, you said that aloud.

If it’s Kansas, Missouri, no big deal. You know, that’s the dance of the low-sloping foreheads.”

Let’s see:

Former Governor, current HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

Governor Jay Nixon
Attorney General Chris Koster
Secretary of State Robin Carnahan
Treasurer Clint Zweifel
Representative William ‘Lacy’ Clay
Representative Russ Carnahan (OK, I’ll give him this one)
Representative Emanuel Cleaver
Senator Claire McCaskill

I’m trying to imagine what the reaction would be if I referred to any of these people – besides Russ Carnahan, of course – as being ‘low-sloping forehead’ types. Something memorable, I’d imagine. But then, I’m not a writer for the New York Times, so possibly people just simply require me to have basic social hygiene.

Moe Lane

[Oops! HT: Hot Air Headlines]