Quote of the Day, @jonahgoldberg Offers A Smart Suggestion Edition.

Like he does.

A friend of mine made a good point recently. People should stop referring to the “Koch brothers.” It makes them sound nefarious. We should call them by their names. And it’s true when you think about it; for some reason the “brothers” label sounds more nefarious, like the “Stinking Diaz Brothers” from Scarface, or the “Malachi Brothers” from Happy Days, or the “Montirez Brothers” from Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead, or the “Slade Brothers” from Working Girl. Well, you get the point.

I’m guilty of this myself.

1994’s Axelron versus 2012’s Axelrod!

As you probably read yesterday or today, video has surfaced from 1994 showing a David ‘Axelron’ (clearly the Nega-universe alternate conservative doppelganger of Obama henchman David Axelrod*) commenting disapprovingly about a President who… airily played golf in the middle of a sour economic patch while telling people that things were going swimmingly.  I just couldn’t resist cutting this one down to size and highlighting some of the absurdities.  Particularly since the Democrats are going to want to memory hole the entire thing, right down to the very year.

Karma.  It’s what’s for dinner. Continue reading 1994’s Axelron versus 2012’s Axelrod!