#rsrh The origins of Obama’s “Forward” slogan?

I’m guessing very possibly maybe.

For those without access to pictures, it’s a snapshot of a current DC Metro campaign: “Metro Forward.”  If you don’t know why the idea that Obama may have ripped off the title from them is actually kind of hysterical, check this out – and if you don’t have time for that? Well, let me put it this way: the last time I was in DC I had to use a total of eight escalators.  Of those eight, three were broken, and nobody was working on any of them.

In DC, they call that ‘above average.’


#rsrh What the DC Metro escalator problem can tell us about government.

I was going to riff off of this American Crossroads bit about trying to get Democrats to give back Hilary Rosen’s campaign contributions, but you’re probably getting bored with reading about that. So here, via Instapundit, is a Reason.tv video about just how bad the escalator system is in the DC Metro.

And yeah: it’s bad.  Always has been, and it doesn’t surprise me at all that it’s apparently because they’ve got in-house people doing maintenance instead of outside contractors.  The desultory, lackidasical attitude towards fixing things was noticeable when I was using the Metro every day, and while I (thank God) no longer have to visit Dizzy City on a regular basis when I am there it doesn’t seem to have gotten any better. Continue reading #rsrh What the DC Metro escalator problem can tell us about government.