Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell comes to #Obamacare.

Obamacare opponents have a problem these days: to wit, the Obama administration keeps making it harder and harder to successfully describe what Obamacare currently is.  Case in point: one of the more hated (I’d say most hated, but there are too many lumps of failure mixed into this walking disaster of a healthcare law to crown any particular one as worst) parts of the Affordable Care Act* is the individual mandate. Well, guess what? The administration just more or less delayed it!

Let me summarize that WaPo link: ‘honor system.’  That’s right, the administration is going to take Americans’ words for it that they tried to sign up, but couldn’t.  Mind you, after mid-April (the ostensible new deadline) people will no longer be able to get an extension online. Instead, they’ll have to call up, and then use one of a number of handy excuses: Continue reading Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell comes to #Obamacare.

24 hours to go on #Obamacare deadline!

So, the Obama administration needs to sign up – four million? Five? Six? …LOTS – of people tomorrow if they hope to hit their original target numbers. Let me do some spoilers:

  • The Obama administration is not going to hit its target numbers for federal exchange signups.
  • The state exchanges are not going to hit their numbers, either. The best percentage that any state exchange has hit, to date, is less than 23%.
  • Those numbers from the last link are likely to go up.  They are not going to go up insanely.
  • And there is no certainty about what happens next.

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@barackobama STILL looking for the easy way out on #obamacare.

It’s like this administration doesn’t want to learn.

Administration officials scrambled Friday to find a quick fix to a problem President Obama said would never come about — millions of insurance policies canceled for people who have health plans they want to keep.

But as the controversy threatened Obama’s efforts to reassure fellow Democrats that he had things under control, administration officials and policy experts said they didn’t yet have a plan to solve the problem without further bogging down the president’s signature health reform plan.

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Quote of the Day, This Is Why We Fight #Obamacare edition.

Never mind partisan maneuvering: when it comes to stopping Obamacare, it is in the best interests of the country that we win.  Because the waves of pain are just going to keep on coming.

The first two weeks of have passed, with no progress toward a usable website on which to enroll. The public is being told that they can also enroll via paper applications, but does anyone really think that the staff are in place to handle the volume of applications that must be completed to avoid the fines taxes that are part of Obamacare? Eventually, those paper applications will have to be converted to computer files, and is it likely that those computer systems will be up to the task?  Or that the data entry personnel will handle the conversions without massive problems?

Next April, just as income tax returns are about to be filed, with required paperwork indicating the taxpayer has health insurance acceptable to the feds, there are likely to be millions of people claiming they tried to enroll, but could not.

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