Tweet of the Day, Oscar Nominations Are Out edition.

Spoiler alert: no Deadpool. Not even in the technical ghetto where they typically stick all the genre movies.  Guess the Deadpool folks are going to have to console themselves somehow with gobs and gobs of money…

So, I understand that the Golden Globes are tonight. (Deadpool)

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: any other year I would not have anything remotely resembling an opinion on this.  Then again, any other year Deadpool would not be up for two awards (Best Comedy/Musical, Best Comedy/Musical Actor).  I would find it hysterical if Deadpool won those.  It would make the lead-up to the Academy Awards actually interesting for a change, because snagging a Golden Globe or two in those categories would make people have to seriously talk about Deadpool maybe getting an Oscar nomination, which would then probably lead to making people have to seriously talk about Deadpool maybe winning an Academy Award for something non-technical.

It would horrify some people, in other words.  Including a bunch of people who I kind of enjoy seeing horrified.  Look, I never claimed to be a saint…

Moe Lane

Deadpool… at the OSCARS?

lolwhut: “…[Deadpool] was just nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay at the Writers Guild Awards, which means it could very well end up getting an Oscar nomination! [snip] The WGA nominations frequently predict what the Academy is going to recognize in their Adapted and Original Screenplay nominations.” You know, I would pay money to see that happen, actually.  It won’t happen, mind you, because the people who made Deadpool would naturally Deadpool their way across the entire Oscar proceedings.


…And the Academy surely knows this.  Still: my God, but the shtick the Deadpool guys would come up with.  It would be entirely uncontained, not to say uncontainable.  We’d all tune in to watch the red carpet show, at least until the FCC yanked it off the air and then seeded the ground with salt…

Finally, a cause worth pursuing: A Deadpool/Wolverine movie.

Oh, man, I would so totally watch this.  Aside from everything else, I honestly believe that the people who did Deadpool genuinely love the X-Men and Marvel and wish to do something fun with it.  Incredibly foul-mouthed fun, no doubt, but ‘Merc with the Mouth’ for a reason, folks.

…[Ryan] Reynolds wants unite the two anti-heroes in a movie together if Jackman decides he’ll don the claws again (the actor has said that this spring’s third standalone Wolverine film, Logan, will be his last). “I want Deapdool and Wolverine in a movie together,” says Reynolds. “What we’re gonna have to do is convince Hugh. If anything, I’m going to need to do what I can to get my internet friends back on board to help rally another cause down the line.”

Well, I WAS going to put up the Deadpool Integrated Marketing Campaign video…

…but apparently Fox made ’em take it down.  Despite the fact that it features, you know, Deadpool explaining how the movie managed to score a Clio Award nomination for marketing the damn film in the first place.  Spoiler alert: it wasn’t by ruthlessly own-goaling your own ad team.

I mean, yes, I understand intellectual property.  But Fox grossed three-quarters of a billion dollars on a sixty million dollar flick that only got made because SOMEBODY leaked that original test footage. Maybe give the mad advertising geniuses who hyped that movie a little bit of slack, here?

Movie of the Week: Deadpool (with a caveat).

Said caveat being Keep Deadpool out of the reach of children.  And by ‘children’ I really do mean ‘under the age of 18*.’  I’m still trying to figure out how to watch it again myself.  Possibly by buying a copy for the convention and watching it in my hotel room, or something.

…Yeah, that looked stupid when I wrote it, too.

Anyway: adieu to Zootopia.

*Sure, your kid can handle it.  I’m putting up the CYA disclaimer anyway.  Don’t let kids watch this film.

The Deadpool #Monthiversary trailer.

I respect this.  Especially the deliberately low-res formatting, which is harder than it looks when it’s deliberate.  If you haven’t seen Deadpool, by the way, you’ll enjoy it in theaters. JUST DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILDREN ALONG.


My Deadpool mini-review.

So I went to go see it, based on the cold equations of showtimes (Deadpool was in the zone, Hail, Caesar! was not).  …I do not know how they got away with making that film. It is not the greatest movie in the history of ever, but I fail to see how they could have reliably made it a better Deadpool movie.  From literally the opening credits it was made clear to me that I was expected to pay attention, and doing so rewards the careful viewer; they never stopped and only rarely even slowed down.

Again, I don’t know how Marvel got away with making that film. I imagine that half of our modern-day sheet-sniffers in academia are having strokes right now from the dialog, not to mention the costuming, acting, and in some cases, the soundtrack. But you can probably expect more like it, now: that film had a budget of ‘merely’ 58 million*, and it’s already made that back and more in half a week.

I liked it. Go see it. If you take children along, I will call Protective Services on you and sleep like a baby afterward.

Moe Lane

*It feels like a bigger-budget flick, but that’s actually just clever production work.