Got the artwork back for DECISIONS!

I’ll probably be using this for the cover:

…but I’m not even thinking about putting the chapbook together until tomorrow. It’s been a damned long week already. Month, really. I can go watch Spider-Man movies* tonight.

Moe Lane

*We watched the first Garfield one last night. My kids and I agree that he’s a very good Spidey, but Maguire’s the better Peter Parker. Which is conventional wisdom, but so what? It’s still true.

Morrrrre revisions uggh.

This time for the chapbook: it was suggested that I add little intros to explain each story, and that was a very good suggestion, so I did. And that kind of catches me up, at this point. Tomorrow I can go through MORGAN BAROD again, send selected sections to my editor, and then we’ll do another final passthrough and… publish… the… book?

That seems weird to just type out, like that. I mean, sure, it’s about time, but still. There’s a certain milestone involved in getting more than one novel out, I think. At least, that’s how it feels.

Spent the morning doing DECISIONS revisions.

Some very useful feedback from both of the two beta reads that I’ve gotten back, so far. DECISIONS is going to be an eclectic chapbook, mind you: there’s a fantasy Western, a flat-out Cthulhu Mythos story, a clockpunk adventure, and… damned if I know what the last one is, but it was fun to write. They all were, and I flatter myself that they’re some of my best work. I look forward to publishing them, once I get the artwork and the rest of the feedback in.

In the meantime: buy my books!

Got some preliminary sketches in for the DECISIONS chapbook!

I’m trying to get that out in between edits on MORGAN BAROD and finally making progress on the finished version of the RPG supplement (got to get that backlist of my books populated, right?). Come, I will conceal nothing from you: the external events going on this week has been nothing but frustrating to me. And infuriating. And a few other, not particularly nice, emotions as well.

But! DECISIONS artwork! Below is a taste of the rough version of one of them. I’m using Ben Fleuter again, obviously. I’m hoping to buy a little more art from him for the RPG, too. But that’s a whole different conversation.

My new illustrated chapbook DECISIONS will have a 2021 3Q release.

Four stories, with original illustrations by Ben Fleuter. This book will stay at the $2.99 price point that I’ve established for the other chapbooks. No art yet, because that’s still in progress (I hope to have this ready in September, too, but no promises). DECISIONS will be mostly fantasy, although there is one straight-up horror story in it. Keep watching the skies! And buying my books!

Supreme Court Decisions today!

10 AM for whatever cases get announced today.  The two that most people reading this will be most waiting for are probably going to be Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby and NLRB v. Noel Canning, but there are a bunch of important cases in this term, which is frankly part of the problem right there. It is long since time that we started making our legislators write clearer laws; it might encourage our judiciary to stop fiddling with them.


As to the cases themselves… predicting how the Supreme Court will rule on any one case is a mug’s game, but a lot of people are going to be shocked if the Supremes don’t spank the NLRB – and, by association, the Obama administration – over recess appointments. Guess we’ll see today! …Or not.

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