The ‘Mystery’ of Denis McDonough?

There is no ‘mystery’ why WH Chief of Staff Denis McDonough is operating a White House at its current nadir of influence and power, and this passage explains why:

McDonough’s no-profile public approach shouldn’t mask the two most important things about the role he has played this year. First, he is a chief of staff for a self-actualized president. Obama hired seasoned Washington figures — Rahm Emanuel, Jack Lew, and Bill Daley — in his first term. McDonough is the first chief of staff who is younger than the president, the first whose career depends on Obama. He is, beyond that, very close to the president. He is “as close as a staffer can be,” said former National Security spokesman Tommy Vietor. The upside of that relationship is that McDonough speaks for Obama and has access to him in a way that Daley, in particular, never did.

It’s obvious, in fact: Denis McDonough is an extension of Barack Obama’s will, and Barack Obama is incompetent.  Garbage in, garbage out.

Via… I am not sure.

Moe Lane