Why Kevin Williamson wants DeRay Mckesson to be the next Baltimore mayor.

Largely because Kevin thinks that Mckesson can’t be any worse than the current idiot running things, and because Mckesson needs to learn where the real problems are.  Also, this:

…if the education of DeRay Mckesson turns out to be as deliciously brutal and pitiless as expected, then it also presents an opportunity to educate, to some extent, a generation of silly and ignorant young activists in aching need of a swift kick in the ass from reality.

Being someone who lives within a half hour of Baltimore, though… not just no.  HELL, no.  Say what you like about Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, but she was at least able to step aside and let Governor Larry Hogan (seemingly effortlessly) restore order in that riot.  A hypothetical Mayor Mckesson might have ordered Baltimore cops to actively resist the National Guard. Because he’s just that dumb.

Not that Mckesson would ever get the nomination, of course.  Not in Baltimore…

Moe Lane