Plumcake of Manolo for the Big Girl – which is a fun read, by the way – has a post up on Disney Villainesses; it features Ursula of The Little Mermaid (which is my favorite Disney film) and Yzma of The Emperor’s New Groove (which is apparently everybody’s second favorite Disney film).  Plumcake, alas, had to give Yzma an honorable mention on account that she wasn’t really scary; which is true, but irrelevant.

Third favorite?  Mulan, probably: I like heroines with good tactical sense.

Moe Lane


Messing with the Mouse: Australian beer edition.

It is a measure of the deep, deep respect that I have for a certain corporation’s legal department that I am refraining from reproducing the image associated with this article:

The x-rated advertisement, for Jamieson’s Raspberry Ale, depicts the fairytale heroine blowing smoke rings while lying in bed with seven semi-clad dwarves.

In this Disney dystopia, Snow White has been renamed “Ho White”, while the loveable dwarves Sleepy, Happy and Doc are rebranded Filthy, Smarmy and Randy – supposedly to represent different types of drinkers.

I recognize that it takes a certain amount of suicidal bravery to live in Australia – the native fauna Just Doesn’t Like the rest of the global ecosphere – but this is impressive, even for them.

Via Drudge – and he didn’t put up the image, either.

Moe Lane

I… I may have to get a Wii, now (Disney Steampunk game).

(Via Nodwick) Yes, you saw that right.

Steampunk Disney game.


Supposedly For realReally.

More great-googley-moogley pictures at the link.  I’ve been holding out on the Wii – it’d probably wreck my blogging schedule for a while – but [when] this comes out?


Moe Lane