Tweet of the Day, This Is Not A Trump-Related Gloat edition.

Seriously, it’s not: it’s an observation. Always pick a venue with LESS capacity than you expect. LESS, LESS, LESS.

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Seriously, Donald Trump is making a tactical blunder in South Carolina.

Look, I understand that I will never be on Donald Trump’s Christmas card list – but this is a bad tactical call:

Donald J. Trump, the current front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, has declined to participate in one in a series of town halls run by South Carolina’s most popular politician, making the real estate mogul the only high-polling candidate to snub the state.

Because the Palmetto State is third in line to vote on the party’s nominee, because it’s first in the South, and because Sen. Tim Scott’s job approval is hovering in the heavens, his endorsement and support is as coveted as can be making the Trump no-show all the more conspicuous.

Of the 17 GOP candidates, 15 have been scheduled to participate in Scott’s town hall series, the aim of which is to introduce each candidate individually to the state’s electorate.

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It does not *shock* me that Donald Trump is fundamentally wrong on eminent domain…

…but neither do I approve of his position in any way, shape, or form:

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Why, this Trump-De Blasio War of 2015 will be EPIC.

(Via Instapundit) Absolutely EPIC: “New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced in a statement today that the city is reviewing all of Trump’s contracts with the city due to his “disgusting and offensive” remarks.” Newsday has more, which includes at least one politician trying to be rude about Donald Trump without actually saying that will lead to Trump either divesting from NYC – or, worse, including the politician in the coming lawsuit that will drift into De Blasio’s life like that iceberg drifted into the Titanic’s. Note that I do not make value judgments about said lawsuit: I merely predict that one will occur.

Seriously, I’m not involved in this one: if I had to choose between Trump and De Blasio when deciding who was a bigger jackass I’d go out for ice cream instead.  They just have too many differences in style when it comes to their jackassery.  Or, as my wife put it: they are representative of ‘the sh*t-colored rainbow of a*sholic diversity.’ Which stopped me dead in my tracks – and then had me frantically looking for a pencil.

John Nolte presents argument on Donald Trump’s …utility.

This is a pretty good point:

[Donald] Trump showed me what he was made of during the birth certificate uproar. For years, Democrats and the media were overjoyed with the lingering, fringe issue surrounding Obama’s legal citizenship. That’s why neither the media nor Obama ever wanted to put the issue to rest — even though it was a fringe issue, it was used to relentlessly club all of the GOP like a baby seal.

Trump had the stones to demand a resolution, and he got it. And as a result, a cynical and powerful weapon used against even we conservatives who were not Birthers vanished.

Trump took hell over that, he still does — simply for demanding full transparency from a politician.

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Tweet of the Day, Here We Go Again edition.

Seriously, this is exasperating.

The ‘natural born’ bit in the US Constitution was put in there to keep us from having some charismatic European royal show up in a crisis in the early Republic, get elected President, and then turn the whole shebang into a monarchy all sneaky-like. It was not put in there to make the kids of immigrants ineligible for the Presidency, and frankly that’s what the entire birther thing seems to have evolved into at this point. Or, given that it’s involving Donald Freaking Trump trying to log-roll Ted Freaking Cruz, ‘devolved.’

Moe Lane

PS: Friendly reminder: this is private property, and the leaseholder is cranky on this particular subject.

#rsrh President Obama’s WHCD mistake.

Basically, it’s that the President made the mistake of punching down just a little bit too hard.  You see, one reason why Presidents have traditionally made fun of themselves at these things is making fun of yourself is politically safe.  When you’re the most powerful person in the room – which the President of the United States invariably is – and you throw a verbal jab at somebody, outside observers have one of two choices on how to take that:

  1. The President is a bully by attacking a social/political inferior.
  2. The President is interacting with those on more or less the same elevated plane as he is.  He is still above them on the hierarchy, but it is a difference in degree, and not in kind.

So, going after Donald Trump – a man who will not be the next President of the United States, and who will also not be the Republican nominee – does not diminish Trump; it elevates him, which means that it diminishes Obama. Continue reading #rsrh President Obama’s WHCD mistake.

Annnnnnnd thanks for stopping by, Donald.

It was all great fun, I’m sure – but the man has just stepped in it.

[Donald] Trump said he was “concerned” about [Rep. Paul] Ryan’s deficit plan, citing concerns that the plan would “tinker too much with Medicare” and harm senior citizens.

“I think Paul Ryan is too far out front with the issue,” Trump said. “He ought to sit back and relax.”

…Yeah, like that’s gonna fly with the Republican base.  Some of us ain’t filthy rich, Donnie: ‘relaxing’ isn’t exactly an option for us.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Can this Carrie Prejean thing be over now?

Speaking as somebody who is actually for same-sex marriage: has my side mucked things up enough, or do we want to really go for the gusto and alienate still more people?  She’s not getting tossed, her detractors are not going to get a social conservative crusade declared against her (mostly because the social conservatives that they think that they were aiming at don’t actually, you know, exist), and now we get to be reminded that the current President is prepared to do anything for same-sex marriage except actually stand up for it.  Let’s quit while we’re behind, OK?

Moe Lane

PS: Do you know what would help?  Going out and working to pass actual SSM legislation such as Maine’s (via Slublog).  That doesn’t bother people like judicial fiat or ‘shut up, he explained’ does.  Strange but true.

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