The most entertaining Vietnam POW story you will read today.

Bar none.  Meet Douglas Brent Hegdahl III, who turned ‘aw, shucks’ into a goram art form. One trembles at the thought of what would have happened if he had been able to unleash his frightening powers of deception upon the US Navy, instead of the North Vietnamese: but events transpired differently so it all more or less worked out.  Beak Stratton is frankly in awe of the man:

“The Incredibly Stupid One,” my personal hero, is the archetype of the innovative, resourceful and courageous American Sailor. These sailors are the products of the neighborhoods, churches, schools and families working together to produce individuals blessed with a sense of humor and the gift of freedom who can overcome any kind of odds. These sailors are tremendously loyal and devoted to their units and their leaders in their own private and personal ways.

…which makes sense, given that it’s because of Hegdahl that Stratton’s life as a POW abruptly got easier. As in, ‘a lot more survivable.’  Read the whole thing, and remember: watch out for the dumb-looking ones.  Unless you’re a Commie.

Via AoSHQ.

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