Just finished Dragonborn for Skyrim…

…well, the main quest, at least. Anyway: well worth the twenty bucks. Interesting main quest and good visuals; I got stretched a little even though I was running a 77th level character. Also: if you’ve been having trouble finding specific copies of books for your library collection, this add-on will take care of that.

Hoo, boy: yes, it will.

Of COURSE Bethesda is delaying Skyrim’s Dragonborn for PC because of the PS3.

This is such a blatant lie:

In the last few weeks, Skyrim’s Dragonborn PS3 DLC release date has been the topic of numerous articles predicting absolutely nothing. The simple fact of the matter is that there is no definite release date for the Dragonborn DLC for the PlayStation 3 or the PC. But there have been a lot of rumors surrounding each. One of those rumors suggested that the PC release date for the Dragonborn DLC was being delayed because Bethesda, in its infinite un-wisdom, doesn’t want to release it before DLC for the PS3 is available. And although Bethesda hasn’t come out and said when these DLCs will be available, they felt the need to let fans know that there is not some marketing conspiracy keeping it off the PC.

“I’ve seen folks posting that we’re holding the PC release and that’s not the case. There’s a lot of work that goes into getting the content ready for both platforms,” Bethesda posted on their blog.

…and I’m not even upset about the lie, mind you. In their shoes I’d lie, too.  The truth of the matter is obvious: Bethesda has been having a lot of problems with the PS3 platform version of Skyrim, they’ve already messed about with PS3 fans’ expectations on existing DLC, and us PC users have a lot less to complain about.  Mind you, I think that they should just admit failure and give me the stupid Dragonborn DLC – I am not a PS3 user, so their problems are their problems – but I grok why they aren’t doing that.

Still.  I want the dang DLC, already.