I honestly don’t remember DST hitting people this hard.

It was bad, yesterday. How bad? So bad that neither my wife and I had the energy to reheat a rotisserie chicken we had bought earlier from the store. We ended up ordering a pizza with olives and tasty, tasty carbs instead. I’ve been yawning most of the last two days. So have most the people I know.

Heck, I was yawning when I got the mail today, and my neighbor was all, like, Hey, man, you gotta wake up! I told him, It gets harder every year — and we both laughed. I could hear his laughter change mid-stream, though, to the laugh of a man who realized that crud, it was getting harder every year.

Maybe we should end DST. Shoot, I can’t even remember if I’ve said that in the past!

Good morning! It’s The Country (Except AZ/HI*) Is Going To Be Grouchy And Irritable Day!

Otherwise known as Daylight Savings Day.  You may observe the traditional bitching and moaning at the disruption to your circadian rhythms in comments.


…Oh, thank God, the coffee’s ready.

Moe Lane

*Those guys?  F*ck those guys.  …Except for the ones who read my site.  They’re cool.