Looks like the Dumbo movie ain’t doing so hot.

I understand that these live-action flicks generally have been bringing in the cash for the Mouse, but I’m wondering whether Disney went all the way back to Dumbo this time because they wanted to muddle the copyright waters. This dude is saying no, and he raises some fair points, but: I still dunno. I could see a remake of Cinderella, because it was a proof of concept; but why Dumbo? It’s not really a popular movie today, is it? Classic, sure — but popular?

Tim Burton’s Dumbo.

Did that get your attention? – Because it certainly got mine. As did the possible cast: Will Smith as… no, not the elephant; as the Good Dad; and Tom Hanks as the villain.  Which I must admit: I have no idea who that would be, because we didn’t watch Disney movies growing up and I’ve been hit or miss with filling in the gaps.  All I really know about Dumbo is that the elephant can eventually fly and that there are crows in it, including one with a supremely unfortunate name. I’m going to enjoy watching Disney finesse that one away, let me tell you.