The final DUNE trailer.

Grooving on this, ain’t gonna lie.

It promises to be interesting. I’m getting a lot of spectacle-viewing in my movies so far this year; interesting should be good for a change of pace, I think. And I don’t mind changes from the book, if they’re interesting ones. …I’m over-using that word, sorry. Anyway, it looks fun.

The ‘Latest Bite at the Apple’ DUNE trailer.

I dunno.

It’s not the casting, or even the likely changes to the plot. It’s the perennial problem with DUNE: it’s a trilogy that apparently can’t be made as a trilogy. You either end up compressing it down into a single flick, or you make a miniseries that doesn’t let you do the sweeping cinematic panoramas on a huge movie screen.

But they’re gonna keep trying, apparently. It’s like I AM LEGEND: some projects are just catnip to ambitious directors. And, heck, I’m probably gonna go see it anyway, so: good luck!