There will *likely* be a DUNE sequel…

…First off: note that it’s not performing under expectations. Variety notes that it’s hitting expectations or a bit above, and obviously it was intended to have a sequel from the start. So:

It now seems possible that “Dune” could cross $300 million worldwide and potentially break even theatrically, something that’s a rarity for tentpole projects in good times and nearly impossible during a pandemic. (Even the latest James Bond film “No Time to Die” may struggle to turn a profit in cinemas.) HBO Max has not reported any viewership metrics.

So why hasn’t “Dune: Part II” officially been announced?

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My mini-review of DUNE. (See it in theaters.)

Short version: I understand that some people out there are bound and determined to pretend that there is no appreciable difference between watching a movie in theaters and watching it at home “with a good sound system*.” I feel a great and terrible pity for those people right now, because you need to watch DUNE in theaters for the first time.

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The final DUNE trailer.

Grooving on this, ain’t gonna lie.

It promises to be interesting. I’m getting a lot of spectacle-viewing in my movies so far this year; interesting should be good for a change of pace, I think. And I don’t mind changes from the book, if they’re interesting ones. …I’m over-using that word, sorry. Anyway, it looks fun.

The ‘Latest Bite at the Apple’ DUNE trailer.

I dunno.

It’s not the casting, or even the likely changes to the plot. It’s the perennial problem with DUNE: it’s a trilogy that apparently can’t be made as a trilogy. You either end up compressing it down into a single flick, or you make a miniseries that doesn’t let you do the sweeping cinematic panoramas on a huge movie screen.

But they’re gonna keep trying, apparently. It’s like I AM LEGEND: some projects are just catnip to ambitious directors. And, heck, I’m probably gonna go see it anyway, so: good luck!

The DUNE trailer.

The new DUNE doesn’t look… bad? I mean, you got Emo Paul Atreides there, but what the hell. I can kind of buy that kid being the sort to start a galactic jihad*.

And Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho’s a real good casting call. So is Dave Bautista as Rabban. The others didn’t jump out at me right away. Dunno if they really should cram the whole thing into one movie, though…

Moe Lane

*And won’t that be an interesting topic for the movie to cover.

Oh, hey, they’re reprinting that board game based on Dune.

Apparently it may be available for purchase by the end of the month?

The board game adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune, first published 40 years ago and long out of print, is back. Publisher Gale Force Nine (GF9) says that this is just the beginning of its newly-forged partnership with the Herbert estate.

Via Fark.
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