Tweet of the Day, A Confession From @DnDMovie edition.

I’m glad they came clean about this.

…My wife and I aren’t just going. We may go in garb.

The new “I have PLAYED this campaign” DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: HONOR AMONG THIEVES trailer.

I have played this campaign, bantered in the same fashion as them, and we did something like that one thing to our Barbarian’s axe no more than fourteen hours ago. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: HONOR AMONG THIEVES is absolutely pandering to me, and my only regret is probably that there’s only going to be one of these flicks, because I cannot sustain an entire movie subgenre on my own.

Then again, I had a similar reaction to GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS. I figured that GODZILLA VS. KONG was gonna tank, because the first one kinda did, but I didn’t care because it was already in post-production and there’d be no point to not releasing it somewhere*. So maybe there’s more people out there like me than I think?


Moe Lane

*Yes, this was pre-BATGIRL. Counterpoint: GODZILLA VS. KONG didn’t suck.


It’s got a few new scenes from DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: HONOR AMONG THIEVES, and the usual blah blah blah this movie is the epitome of Western civilization PR nonsense. It’s the new clips I care about, though. Apparently the party has a paladin in it! Hope the movie explores the concept of ‘PC immunity*:’ as some wag online noted, they certainly got down the concept of ‘having to delay actual gametime for months because of scheduling conflicts.’

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