Hey, Tim Tebow’s reportedly heading back to the NFL.

Gonna play for the Eagles:

The Eagles are reportedly set to sign quarterback Tim Tebow Monday as they begin their offseason workout program, according to FOX Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer.

The team is convinced he’s improved a lot and will keep him as their fourth QB on the roster for the offseason program, according to the report.

This will undoubtedly infuriate a lot of people who typically call football ‘American football’ because to call soccer ‘soccer’ is apparently a travesty. Personally, I never could quite figure out just why he engenders such a harsh reaction from various elements of the Left. I mean, I know that the “committed Christian” thing was and is provocative to that sort, but it still seemed a bit over-the-top. Maybe it was the way that he got a team in the cellar to the playoffs? – Some people do so hate to see other people do well.

Eh. The guy may not even play all that much this year anyway.