In the E-Mail: Elusive.

It is a banner week for other people’s books! This one is Genevieve Cogman’s ELUSIVE, which is an “electrifying retelling of the Scarlet Pimpernel packed with magic and vampires.” I just got it in my email, so I don’t know yet about ‘electrifying,’ but SCARLET (the first book in this series) was quite fun, so the omens are good. I haven’t entirely decided whose side I’m on yet, though. Bloodsucking vampires versus the Committee for Public Safety isn’t exactly what you’d call a high-contrast contest.


Preordered: ELUSIVE (The Scarlet Revolution Book 2)

I’ve been looking forward to the sequel to SCARLET (which is explicitly “The Scarlet Pimpernel, with vampires”) for a while now. Genevieve Cogman is an old friend from the In Nomine fan days, and she’s always been a crackerjack writer. SCARLET itself was page-turning fun. At the time, I called it a “discerning, yet loving look at the original source material,” and I stand by that. That being said: now that the setting has been established*, it’s time for MOAR VAMPIRES.


*I admit to being slightly torn: humans should be on top of the food chain, but the Reign of Terror was called that for a reason. One wonders what the Founding Fathers made of vampires, in this setting. Not that I can insist that a British author drop everything and narratively rush across the Atlantic, just to tell the former colonists’ story…