Event Seed: The November Event.

The November Event

On November 18, 2007, the world ended.  No, really. It happened.

At least, that’s what every single true prophecy and divination techniques known to Man said, as well as all the prophecies and techniques known to those sapient alien and trans-dimensional species who talk to Man, and all of thiose known to the enemy species of Man who we can still comprehend.  They were all clear: it would all stop on.  November 18, 2007, 13:45 GMT (the exact second was never really defined) .  And it need hardly be said that the infighting and score-settling, right up to that not actually last minute, was epic.  A lot of things got done that were later regretted, given that the world had not actually ended; the infighting and score-settling (of suddenly new scores) was fairly epic, too.

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Event Seed: May/June 31st.

May_June 31st – Google Docs

May/June 31st


99.9999% of the population never notices this, of course; but roughly half the planet (Mayflies) believes that there’s a May 31st, and the other half of it (Junebugs) believes that there’s a June 31st. Why? Because of a fairly impressive magic spell, of course. More on that later.

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Event Seed: Dimmets Ascendant.

Dimmets Ascendant – Google Docs

Dimmets Ascendant


These days are not the same as ‘Fridays the 13th:’ those ‘magical’ dates on the calendar have all the intrinsic occult power of a soggy napkin, although admittedly human belief can generate quite a charge of negative supernatural power if you don’t ground it properly.  No, Dimmets Ascendant are entirely a different sort of magical date on the calendar. Meaning that they’re older, meaner, and potentially a lot scarier.

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