Greg Abbott Wheelchair Troofers. How charming.

As in, people who think that Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott doesn’t REALLY need a wheelchair. Like Twitchy, I am hoping that this is just an example that, in a population of 300+ million, you’re going to find two abject idiots with the same delusion and an email account, but as I understand the current rules-set of the Democratic party Wendy Davis is required to own the aforementioned abject idiots. Moral of the story? What goes around, comes around.  Don’t like it? Don’t go around.

Also: I understand Glenn Reynolds‘ rueful head-shake over how far the Party of FDR has fallen, but I am compelled to note that FDR was forced to go to great lengths to conceal just how badly he had been crippled by polio.  Largely because he was (apparently justifiably) worried that being frank on that topic would hurt him with Democratic voters…

Moe Lane

#rsrh Joe Biden Opens His Mou… Oh, crud, he’s got a point this time.

Mark your freaking calendars; this is one time where Biden’s not completely off visiting Yuggoth. Via The Transom comes this not-entirely-incorrect observation:

“I think I can say … no president, and I would argue in the 20th century and including now the 21st century, has had as many serious problems which are cases of first-instance laid on his table,” Biden said. “Franklin Roosevelt faced more dire consequences, but in a bizarre way it was more straightforward.”

Much as I hate to admit it – I’m pretty sure that Ben hated admitting it – Biden does have a not-bad general point.  Particularly when it came to foreign policy: World War II was the last conflict the USA had that could be solved with a good left hook*.  Possibly that’s just nostalgia looking back at a not-really-less-complicated time in history: then again, possibly it’s not.

Moe Lane

*I know that the reality on the ground was a good deal more complex, starting with the fact that we had to make a deal with Lucifer in order to kill Satan.  But at least the ground rules were simple enough: kill every Axis soldier that you see until they run out of soldiers.

#rsrh QotD, Read This Ye Elitist Fools Edition.

Walter Russell Mead, on our generally lousy, so-called ‘elitist’ ‘class:’

A guilty elite may be healthier for society than a self-righteous one.  Teddy Roosevelt and his cousins Eleanor and Franklin worked as hard as they did in part because they felt their privilege was unearned.  They were also a little bit afraid; nobody wants to end up in the tumbrils on the way to the guillotine like the French aristocracy.  Best look after the people before things get out of hand.

Do tell.  Do tell.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt, for all his (myriad) faults, had one advantage over the fellow that is in office now: FDR genuinely believed that America was great on its own merits, if only because it was capable of producing a paragon such as… FDR.  The absolute best that we can expect from our modern aristos these days is instead an inchoate hope that America might be great if enough things are changed… which is just not acceptable.

I will admit that said aristos largely don’t know any better, but that’s not really a justification for keeping them in power.

Via Instapundit/Michael Totten.