Barack Obama: coming up short among female voters.

There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on under the hood of this Hill poll showing that more voters believe that Romney & the GOP respect working women than voters believe that Obama & the Democrats respect stay at home parents.  Especially since the same poll is giving the edge to Romney on who understands women’s issues better, and a tie on which party is better for women.  But what I’d like to point out is another poll that was only touched upon in passing; because the information found there will be even more distressing to the Democrats.  Yes, this is a burying-the-lede post.  We have to do a lot of those.

The poll in question was a CBS/NYT one of registered voters that have Romney and Obama tied at 46% each.  The Hill didn’t link, but I will – it’s here – and there’s one crosstab in particular that needs to be looked at: among women voters, Obama leads Romney 49/43.  That further breaks down to Obama beating Romney 62/34 among unmarried women, Romney beating Obama 49/42 among married women, and … why am I pointing this out? Continue reading Barack Obama: coming up short among female voters.