Got in a game of FENG SHUI 2 today.

Via Discord: the GM was my best man at my wedding, and I was his at his. I’m playing the Killer archetype, heroic version. Which means, apparently, that I’m not killing mooks and am at least trying to convince the named bad guys to reform before I shoot them in the head.

I also informed the GM that I didn’t care what my character sheet said: no self-respecting Killer Feng Shui character would ever use any autoloader handgun besides Mr. Browning. I mean. The very idea.

In the Mail: Feng Shui 2!

I will be honest; I was kind of expecting not to get it. I have, after all, been away for a week. But the postman, thank God, managed to cram it into the mailbox rather than leave it out on the front porch (where it could have very well gone walking with Jesus). So I’ve got that to peruse properly over the next week or so.

For those who don’t remember, Feng Shui 2 is basically action movie roleplaying.  It’s very heavily drawn from Hong Kong action flicks, wuxia, martial arts movies – but if the genre can handle the idea of somebody driving through a glass window in a motorcycle while shooting a machine pistol, this is probably the game that you want to use to model that. It’s one of the classic RPGs, in other words.  I should get Robin Laws to do an interview on it, actually…