An exciting new front in’s attempts to leech money out of the Internet!

I have set up a Patreon account: MoeLane. Essentially, it’s a micropayment system (either monthly or one-time) designed for smaller content producers.  Apparently this site of mine here arguably counts, as I am a quote-unquote ‘creator.’

Even if you don’t want to do this, if you have friends who are artists, musicians, writers, and/or do anything else that involves creating original content and putting it on the Internet you may want to let them know about this service.  Patreon takes out a small (less than 10%) percent of the money that gets collected, in order to handle credit card processing (and stay in business); this does not seem particularly onerous to me, and the whole process is pretty much fire-and-forget.  Check it out.

So, it’s Christmas Eve, and you’re insanely behind on your shopping. #dontpanic

I’m not gonna ask you why that happened; I’m not gonna judge.  But I am gonna tell you how to get out of this hole:

Personalized Gift Cards.

…This is perfect: you add a photo to the card, send it to your target, and voila! It looks like you meant to give an Amazon Gift Card all along. And nobody will ever know.  It’s foolproof!

No, no need to thank me: I’m a giver.

Moe Lane

#rsrh You’d think nobody’s ever caused a netrooter to flip out before.

The reaction to this has been a fascinating thing to watch, on both sides. Maybe I’m just Old-School, but it’s not exactly shocking to me that there are Left-blogosphere sites that will start screaming at the drop of a hat; this used to happen all the time, you know.  It’s just that the Left-Sphere has been long since gelded into being cheer/yell leaders for the Democratic Establishment, and the Right-Sphere has long since graduated to going after the Democratic Establishment.

For some reason, this just seems to be the epitome of it all:

Forty bucks for a two hour debate?  Dear God but these people are pikers: try one thousand per hour, Sparky, topic set in advance, and keep your hands off of the mute button.  Assuming that I even feel like accepting that, either: after all, it might interfere with my election coverage. Continue reading #rsrh You’d think nobody’s ever caused a netrooter to flip out before.

…Well, I have most excellent readers.

Thanks to one of them I will now get to have my brain taken over by Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  Given this primary, that’s probably a good thing.

More seriously: if there’s a site out there that you like and appreciate, by all means, toss it a buck or two on occasion.  My cheerfully mercenary attitude towards filthy lucre aside, there’s a bunch of folks out there who kind of need the money for bills and food; and nobody’s exactly funding political bloggers en masse, more’s the pity.  If you can help them out*, well… hey, I’ve got Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! I’m good for a bit.


Well, a little bit.  “Cheerfully mercenary,” remember?

Moe Lane Continue reading …Well, I have most excellent readers.

Where the filthy lucre is frivolously going.

I had a joke here originally: but it is unfortunately not currently a good joke, because it will hurt people’s feelings unintentionally.  Not that I am above hurting people’s feelings – quite the opposite – but I don’t like doing it except when it’s part of a deliberate campaign to administer a good kicking to the truly deserving. So I’ll just mention some of the geekstuff that I picked up, thanks largely to generous reader contributions.

In no particular order:

Continue reading Where the filthy lucre is frivolously going.

What a staggeringly brilliant idea…

that Glenn Reynolds has come up with: “…if you expect to be raptured away tomorrow, how about hitting my PayPal button today? You can’t take it with you!”

In fact: hit mine.

It’ll probably end up being a help either way.

Moe Lane

PS: No, I am not making fun of premillennialist Christian theology, or the people who believe in it. Who I am making fun of is the people who apparently haven’t internalized Matthew 24:36-44. Nowhere in there, in any translation, is there an extra clause after “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father” that goes “…Oh, yeah: and Bob too, of course.” There just isn’t; and a little thought about the theological implications will tell you why.

So, the PayPal button’s fixed…

…dunno why it broke, but it’s fixed. You can find it here. I don’t push it – although you’re more than encouraged to toss some money in the side link there, where it will go to reimburse Neil for monthly site costs – but I don’t turn down free cash, either.

Meanwhile, here’s the Rango trailer.  This movie is apparently so good people are wondering why Pixar didn’t make it.