Good [expletive deleted]ing luck with that, Vladimir. #finland

I will not say, “I would like to see him try.”  I have no desire to see either Finns or Russians die over a mad dream. For that matter, I am not convinced that the story is[n’t] [Sorry, guys, should have made that clearer – ML] nonsense: if we’re talking about countries that Vladimir Putin would want to reconquer for the Russian empire, Poland would be at the top of that list (and was not even mentioned in the article).  But if this were to happen, it would not go well for Russia:

One of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s closest ex-advisers has claimed that the ex-KGB agent ultimately wants to reclaim Finland for Russia.

Andrej Illiaronov, Putin’s economic adviser between 2000 and 2005 and now senior member of the Cato Institute think tank, said that “parts of Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States and Finland are states where Putin claims to have ownership.”

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