Antiwar Left to crank-call State Department over Gaza.

I (and Legal Insurrection) AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.  It all has to do with that flotilla that antiwar activists are putting together to help notorious terrorist group Hamas out in the Gaza strip via a little blockade-running; turns out the Greeks have impounded a number of the boats, so 0ur favorite Useful Idiots are calling for antiwar activists to call up the State Department Monday morning and sing “Let My People Go” at them*.

Lyrics were provided.


Normally, I’d now suggest that the Antiwar Left’s next tactic would be to flood the White House switchboard to ask if they had Prince Albert in a can – only, given that old rumor that the man was really  the illegitimate son of a Jewish German baron, it’s entirely possible that nobody in the Antiwar Left would actually want to let him out. Continue reading Antiwar Left to crank-call State Department over Gaza.

New anti-Jewish flotilla planning to run Gaza blockade.

Sorry, I’m not going to pretend that I don’t recognize the essentially anti-Semitic nature of the anti-Israel movement.  And neither am I going to pretend that I take said movement’s agitprop seriously, either.  The flotilla that got intercepted last year while trying to break the Gaza blockade was providing materials to build bunkers and fortifications for Hamas, which is of course a terrorist organization dedicated to killing every Jew in the world. That’s why the Israelis intercepted the flotilla.  Some of the idiots on the flotilla resisted, and some of the aforementioned idiots got killed. And now the Hamas-lovers are going to try to break the Gaza blockade again… and the Israelis will intercept them again; only this time I would suggest that the IDF not bother with paintball guns first.

Yes.  Paintball guns.  Hearing that, you’d almost think that the IDF has the same regard for human life as civilized people.  But that’s surely impossible, of course: and if you don’t believe me, just ask the antiwar movement.  Once you start them up, one of them can go on for hours about the perfidious Jews Israelis… Continue reading New anti-Jewish flotilla planning to run Gaza blockade.

Israel intercepts Gaza blockade runners: 14 dead.

The Israelis are very, very serious about maintaining said blockade:

At least 14 people were killed and 50 were injured early Monday as the Israeli Navy took over the ships taking part in the aid sail to Gaza, Arab and Turkish media reported.

The IDF reported that four soldiers were injured during the takeover from live ammunition and knife stabbing. One of the troops was said to be in serious condition and three in light to moderate condition. The injured were evacuated to the Chaim Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer by helicopter.

According to an IDF source, “The sail’s participants were not innocent and used violence against the soldiers. They were waiting for the forces’ arrival.”

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