Racing tonight on the Penny Arcade circuit!

The theme for this week’s race is ‘Unnecessary Censorship.’ It starts at 11 PM Eastern time, as usual. The guy (beastGP) putting together my sponsored car made some temporary modifications of the logo:

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New Penny Arcade race tonight featuring a Flying Koala sponsor car!

11 PM Eastern time. Different car, different color scheme, same inherent coolness:

I’ve been practicing talking like a sponsor. Well, we here at Flying Koala Publishers are just thrilled to be able to help support races like these, and give something back to the racin’ community. We’re looking forward to an excitin’ time tonight; and we wish all the drivers good luck, and good racin’. Stuff like that is part of the fun.

BEHOLD! The Flying Koala digital race car.

For anybody visiting from tonight… TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION will be coming out by the end of the month (click here to preorder a signed copy). But in the meantime, check out my first novel, which is set in the same universe and called FROZEN DREAMS: it will be the best post-apocalyptic high urban fantasy pulp detective novel you will read today. Magic! Elf! Orc! Dwarf! Wisecracks! It has it all.

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Right. Anyway: as the above might indicate, I’m sponsoring a car in the Penny Arcade racing circuit! This Thursday, and the first three Thursdays in February. The race tonight starts at 11 PM Eastern Time, and will be on their Twitch channel here. Pictures of the race car after the fold. I think it looks pretty dang spiffy.

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Behold! Not-Merch (expanded explanation)!

It’s not merch because it’s a Christmas present. It’s also not merch because I’m not at the merch stage yet. I have one novel and two chapbooks out; the goal for 2021 is to get at least one more novel, one collection of short stories, and at least a third chapbook done. I don’t have the budget and I don’t have the time for more, right now.

What I do have is a sister who is good at graphic design stuff. Check out her site!

Moe Lane

PS Mailing list sign-up here. I need to start pushing that more.

BEHOLD! The FROZEN DREAMS/Flying Koala mailing list!

The email signup for Flying Koala is here. This is going to be information relevant to my commercial products; it will be an excellent way to hear about my next Kickstarter, for example*. Don’t expect that much right away: I think that I’m going to send out emails every Sunday if I have anything to send out.

Moe Lane

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