So… surreal football yesterday, huh?

Patriots over-thinking a 4th down and the Jets trying to hand a touchdown to Jacksonville.

Heh.  This reminds me of the football pool that I was in once where my objective was to lose every week.  I was doing it ostensibly for the long-term payoff: the argument was that if I could demonstrate that I consistently was doing worse than random chance, then my picks were actually very valuable (just reverse them, and win!).  Truth be told, the shtick I was getting out of it was easily worth the five bucks a week – and it was fun while it lasted.  I was getting no more than two or three wins every week, and people were starting to believe that I was some sort of weird anti-football prophet.

Then one week the NFL had seven upsets.  As I mentioned to my wife during the hastily-convened sudden night out, while I ended up far ahead of the game I hadn’t exactly planned on this particular outcome.  And the look in the football pool organizer’s eyes when he realized that I hadn’t even known that I had won that week…

Moe Lane

PS: But the mojo was lost; for the rest of the season my picks were… mediocre.