Tweet of the Day, It’s Good To Want, Dude edition.

My father used to say that, when he wasn’t saying things that were more, ah, pungent.  My dad was a bright guy, in fact.  Blue collar war veteran who never finished high school, and by GOD he was going to raise a nerd who’d go to college.

But enough bragging.

Tweet of the Day, @forexposure_txt Has More Patience Than Me edition.

They HAVE to read stuff like this on a regular basis, just to find the best examples of no-pay jackwagonry.  I’d snap under the strain of it all, I truly would.

Moe Lane

PS: This got a pithy response, by the way:

Tweet of the Day, It’s Good To Imagine Their Faces edition.

Specifically: the project is to imagine what people who expect you to make them art for free must look like.  Not the people who you give art to for free, or the people who accept the art that you gave them for free: the people who feel entitled to free art. Yeah. Those people.

I should note, though: the guy who offered to pay in beer probably should not be included in this Rogues’ Gallery of Shame.  Beer has established monetary value. I’ve known more than one artist who did not object to the idea of trading some quick art for a six-pack of booze.