In Nomine Revisited: Fort Kanaloa

Fort Kanaloa

There is a section of Hades that was clearly designed and laid out to be a seaport, complete with an artificial harbor and coastal fortifications.  There is, of course, no ocean in the celestial plane – at least, no ocean now – so the Port District instead looms over a barren plane of rock, stretching all the way to the metaphorical horizon.  This being Hell, any useful equipment or materials were carted off long ago; but the buildings themselves remain. And of them, Fort Kanaloa is easily the most important.

It is not a particularly well-favored building, seeing as it was clearly designed to be the primary defense of the port in case of a seaborne invasion by Heaven*.  The fort stretches for easily several miles, taking up the entirety of what was once a breakwater and is now a sheer cliff, and its dirty grey stone barely contrasts against Hades’ ever-present smog.  There are no real windows, only narrow gaps in the walls where unknown weapons presumably were once kept.  

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