#rsrh In which I fix Obama for America’s Commie agitprop poster for it.

Like Weasel Zippers, I can see how the “Forward” poster that OfA is flogging is pretty danged Commie all on its own; but the weak-sister bourgeois-sentimental crypto-Marxists over at Team Magic Beautiful Space Unicorn really didn’t make their poster pop.  So, I gave it a shot.

…Shocking how little I had to change it from the original, huh?

The ‘Obama launches his campaign on Marx’s Birthday’ Obligatory Post.

As somebody commented privately, Obama’s just trying to mess with our heads now. Oh, sure, the man’s going to pretend that starting his campaign on May 5th is to honor Cinco de Mayo, but nope: it’s all about the Commies.

But that’s OK: we over at the People’s Glorious RedState Revolutionary Collective can mess with heads, too.

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#rsrh The origins of Obama’s “Forward” slogan?

I’m guessing very possibly maybe.

For those without access to pictures, it’s a snapshot of a current DC Metro campaign: “Metro Forward.”  If you don’t know why the idea that Obama may have ripped off the title from them is actually kind of hysterical, check this out – and if you don’t have time for that? Well, let me put it this way: the last time I was in DC I had to use a total of eight escalators.  Of those eight, three were broken, and nobody was working on any of them.

In DC, they call that ‘above average.’


#rsrh #FORWARD …Obama will desperately try to find a new motto when this one crashes and burns.

You know, when you’re a Democrat and Politico won’t carry your water

The Obama campaign is out with a new web video Monday…

[snip of half-hearted attempts to parrot Democratic talking points]

…It’s part of the ongoing struggle for the Obama campaign to try to find a slogan that will stick.

…Well, you’re apparently Barack Obama.  You know: I may actually end up enjoying this election cycle.  It’s shaping up to be better than I expected.

Via @PounderFile.

Moe Lane

PS: I give this one two weeks.  Also: they should have tried “Excelsior!”  Still would have been stupid, but at least it would have suggested that there’s a member of this administration who realizes that history started before, oh, 1992 or so…