Tweet of the Day, Watch As Geektyrant Gets Cold-Eyed About The New Fraggle Rock Song edition.

I’m not gonna lie: it’s always fun to see Conquest’s First Law in action. And that new Fraggle Rock song, indeed, sucks.

Whether or not it is the actual new theme song, however, is an open question.

The FRAGGLE ROCK Reboot Apple TV trailer.

My eyes are narrowed right now. They are narrow, they are squinting, and I am in state of anticipatory skepticism:

Although that’s just my own personal taste talking. I’m not thirteen anymore, and if this new FRAGGLE ROCK is geared to thirteen year old children then I will find it dull. That’s not actually the show’s fault.

Also: points for doing it with puppets. As for the likely message… yeah, it’s not like the original show offered a full-throated defense of Milton Friedman, or anything like that. Some things, you know what you’re getting into ahead of time, is all I’m saying.


The Return of Fraggle Rock to HBO.

Oh, relax. It’s just the original. Your childhood is safe.

Fraggle Rock, Jim Henson’s beloved Muppet vehicle, is headed back to HBO in HD, EW has confirmed.

The show originally debuted on HBO in 1983, and lasted five seasons and 96 episodes. It will make its digitally remastered return to the network later this year.

There’s nothing here to worry about. Seriously. The only bad thing that they could do here would be to screw up the colors or the sounds somehow, and that’s just poor restoration work.  They’re not gonna cross it with Games of Thrones…