“I’m Batman.”

Apparently it’s going to be Geek Friday here at Chez MoeLane.com.

Via Do Gooder Press.  I have a complex reaction to Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.  On the one hand, it’s brilliant.  On the other hand… well, the Internet has had many the discussion about whether this and/or Watchmen permanently sent the comic book genre spiraling down into an existential pit of horror, despair, and absurd poses.

On the gripping hand, The Dark Knight Strikes Again frankly sucked.

#rsrh Rick Moody tugs on Frank Miller’s… cowl.

(Via Althouse, via Instapundit) I have to admit, I find this funny.

So. Frank Miller – who has become incredibly, publicly, and gloriously cranky ever since 300 and Sin City gave him sufficient mojo to do so –  wrote a little screed called ‘Anarchy‘ that pretty much told the Occupiers to get off of the streets and back into their parents’ basements where they wouldn’t get in the way.  As you might imagine, being told off by a comic book writer has annoyed quite a few people – not least the aforementioned Occupiers, given that they don’t want to move back into their parents’ basements (where they belong) – but not everybody took it to the level of Rick MoodyContinue reading #rsrh Rick Moody tugs on Frank Miller’s… cowl.