Tweet of the Day, …LOOKS Petty And Graceless, @asymmetricinfo? edition

It IS petty and graceless.

And completely expected. After all, Barack Obama’s base is largely upset that Scalia didn’t take out Clarence Thomas with him.

Shockingly, I agree with Michelle Obama about something.

This was not particularly smart to do.


That’s it. She’s right and her husband is wrong. And he is going to find out precisely how wrong he was, just as soon as they semblance of privacy…

Moe Lane

PS: As for the handshake… screw it, we should just declare victory in Cuba over SOMETHING and normalize. Because Fidel Castro is apparently just living to spite us at this point.

John Boehner, Mitch McConnell should attend Margaret Thatcher’s funeral.

The President can’t be bothered to go himself, you see.  Or – and this is the actually offensive part – send anybody currently from the administration.

Whitehall sources have revealed that the US delegation at tomorrow’s service in St Paul’s Cathedral will be led by two Reagan era secretaries of state: James Baker and George Shultz.

Though President Obama himself had not been expected to attend, there had been speculation that he would be represented either by Vice President Joe Biden or wife Michelle. However, the Obama administration had said it would not be attending Thatcher’s funeral before the Boston bombings…

The excuse here for the lack of the VP or FLOTUS is this, I kid you not:

[A US Embassy spokesman] said that both the First Lady and the Vice President were ‘the President’s point people on gun control’, adding: ‘This is a week when there is a lot of movement on Capitol Hill on gun control issues.’

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