Back from Galactic Con!

Short version: very useful information was gathered and I sold enough books to make back my table fee. Actually doing it gave me some insights on the entire process, I got a bunch of business cards and hopefully new readers out of it, and I now appreciate the value of art in a display. Notes were taken. Lessons were learned. I had a good time.

And man, but I am tired.

Moe Lane

PS: My Amazon site is here, in case somebody’s using one of those business cards to check me out now.

Car is loaded for Galactic Con tomorrow!

Got some prints of the book cover made and a few last-minute bits of gear. Car is loaded up and ready to drive in the morning, and now I get to go to Galactic Con and… try to sell books to people I don’t know. Yay.

I assume I’ll sell something: the books are priced to go. If I unload about… half of them, I’ll break even. Not to mention the business cards and so forth I’ll be passing out. But my comfort zone, inside this is not.

Moe Lane

PS: Yeah, it’ll probably be fine.

So, good news / bad news on the Galactic Con front.

The bad news? I apparently have a mild hernia. So I have to be careful about lifting things and so forth until I can get to a doctor who will tell me how we’re getting rid of it.

The good news? We decided to bite the bullet and just all go to Galactic Con. I think my kids haven’t worked out yet that going to a comics convention means that there’s stuff for sale that they could buy themselves, or wheedle out of their parents. But they will. That should be fun, and we need to get them out of the house more anyway. And, of course, this way I’ll be able to eat and use the bathroom without worrying that the stock will go walking with Jesus.

So go Team Hernia! …Okay, that sounded better in my head.

The books are here!

I will have something to sell at Galactic Con. Bit of a relief, that. The books went from “I dunno” to “They’ll be there tomorrow” with a somewhat unseemly haste — but I took a quick look and everything looks in order, so no worries, right?

Well, aside from the usual ones. Book sales have been, alas, awful this month. Not that I can really complain, since the Kickstarter funded – but to heck with it, I wanna complain anyway.

Well, I might have books for Galactic Con after all!

Yes, it was up in the air. But, the books are on their way and should make it here in plenty of time for the convention — which will be, blessedly, indoors. I have virtually everything I need for Galactic Con at this point… except for somebody else to sit the table. I have just belatedly realized that I’m probably gonna need to either eat or use the bathroom at some point…

I’m going to Galactic Con!

Like, in person and everything. It’s officially the “HOWARD COUNTY COMIC CON,” at the county fairgrounds on June 12th. That’s past my two-week point for the second shot, so off I go.

And will I be vending there? …I dunno. There was an opportunity to sign up, but I found out about it after the deadline. I filled it out anyway, and… we’ll see. If I don’t hear from them in a week I’m going to assume I was too late and I’ll just go and look at what’s there to buy.