Goodness Gracious, I have a game today.

First one in a couple of months (long story, don’t ask).  Which is, of course, just enough time for me to forget most of what the heck the party was supposed to be doing.  On the bright side: probably, so have they.  But, alas, this is the Achilles’ Heel of improvisational gaming: too long a hiatus, and you have to start the unseemly scramble to figure out your notes and what’s supposed to happen next.

Well, at least there’s going to be pie.

Had a game today!

None of us had all of the campaign notes, because it’s been a couple of months and our schedules have been horribly clashing.  So… we had to wing it.  Fortunately, at least two of us had already played 7th Sea, which meant that almost all the stuff that we were looking up was rules-related, not setting-related.  It’s much easier to fake rules than the world, possibly because you can always say ‘You got away with it that time’ and it won’t really damage the overarching story.

It also helps that I try to GM pretty collaboratively.  Which is ever so much nicer than saying that I’m a lazy GM who doesn’t mind it when my players come up with the sleazy rationalization on the fly for why something improbably happened.  If you have players like those…, treasure them.

QotD, This Is The Greatest Thing Ever edition.

You only need the one sentence.

A minor league baseball team in Pennsylvania will become the first professional sports franchise to offer urine-controlled video games in its restrooms when the season starts in April.

Words cannot express the brilliance of this concept.  You can only marvel, in silence.  And have another beer; you’re going to need it.

Via Drudge, but it’s all over the place.