So, I think that they’re teaching my kid spell-casting at school.

I get a call today from the teachers.  My eldest needed a new pair of pants; his had acquired a ‘hole.’  So I grumble and go over there, because he probably just had ripped the knee out, or something… but no.  This was a full-bore gaping tear that looked for all the world like somebody had thrown an Acid Bolt spell at my boy, but the kid barely rolled well enough to avoid damage – so the GM ruled that his pants at least were now toast. I wish that I had thought to take a picture.

Note: I do not object, per se, to my kids’ school leveling them up.  I just wish they had told me first. Aside from everything else, they’re both being home-schooled in rogue classes.

A red-letter day today!

My kids are apparently now old enough to come with me to somebody else’s house and play quietly in the living room while we run a game. I mean, yes, they’re still kids, so you have to check up on them to make sure that they aren’t blowing stuff up or something. But I was able to have my players do pre-game character creation! It was awesome! And a bit of a relief, frankly.

I wonder how the ‘7th Sea call for writers’ thing is chugging along.

I put something together for it, and so did my wife, and so did at least one of my friends. I don’t have an ‘in’ or anything over there, more’s the pity; and I suppose that it’s reasonable to expect John Wick et. al. to take more than three weeks to assess all the applicants. But it would be nigh-infinitely sweet to get a shot at writing for 7th Sea.

Certainly I’m self-confident – or egotistical – enough to think that I could credibly write for that game line. It’s been a while since I wrote gaming material… and I should rectify that, huh?  I mean, there’s an entire set of mental muscles that might need exercising, or simply stretching. Sure, I’ve been writing constantly for the last fifteen years; but it’s different kinds of writing, huh?

Yeah, guess it’s time to get back on that horse. God knows I have enough gaming books to choke a whole herd of ’em.

Not buying this SMBC comic.

Not the bit about evolution/homosexuality bit – as I understand it, Darwinian theory is a little bit more nuanced than that when addressing the ways that traits that affect the group/pack/tribe can be valuable for the species in general even when they’re personally evolutionary dead ends – but the suggestion that gamers and/or bloggers don’t have the opportunity to breed.  I mean, speaking as a gamer… sure, back in the 1980s and 1990s there was a pretty lopsided gender ratio, but I know lots of female gamers these days.  It’s been that way for a while: I’m trying (and failing) to remember the last campaign that I was in that didn’t have a minimum of two female players in it, or a female player and a female GM.  Heck, my wife’s a GM herself.

Maybe we should update that particular cultural stereotype?

Moe Lane