Do you take George Soros’s money? Congratulations: you’re pro-fracking!

Works like this: George Soros bought into Pioneer Natural Resources.

Billionaire fund manager George Soros now owns 964,000 shares of Pioneer Natural Resources (NYSE: PXD), one of the biggest players in the Texas Permian Basin.

Soros’s stake is worth about $180 million.


Pioneer also has assets in the West Texas Spraberry Wolfcamp. The company estimates Wolfcamp holds 50 billion barrels of recoverable crude oil.

Pioneer Natural Resources is happy to frack: Continue reading Do you take George Soros’s money? Congratulations: you’re pro-fracking!

Fomer Obama staffer arrested in Iowa Secretary of State identity theft investigation.

Reports are coming in (via @CFHeather) that a former Obama ’08 staffer – one Zach Edwards, formerly with the 2008 Obama campaign in Iowa  and currently up until the arrest working for Link Strategies*, a company affiliated with Sen. Tom Harken (D, IA) – has been arrested for identity theft.  The Iowa Department of Public Safety puts it fairly succinctly: “According to the Criminal Complaint, on June 24, 2011, Edwards fraudulently used, or attempted to use, the identity of Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz and/or Secretary Schultz’s brother, Thomas Schultz, with the intent to obtain a benefit, in an alleged scheme to falsely implicate Secretary Schultz in perceived illegal or unethical behavior while in office.” In other words: Edwards is accused of trying to pretend to be Schultz in order to get Schultz in trouble.  The crime is listed as an ‘Aggravated Misdemeanor,’ but if convicted Edwards could face jail time. Continue reading Fomer Obama staffer arrested in Iowa Secretary of State identity theft investigation.

#rsrh Topic for discussion: electing judges.

Sparked by this report that apparently George Soros is pushing against electing non-federal judges: aside from the general rule of thumb of ‘George Soros does not generally act in what he what he would consider America’s best interests,’ are judicial elections a good thing, or not?


Moe Lane

PS: I don’t know.

Politico: Conservatives are pro-cancer!

Either that, or Politico hires some pretty sloppy writers.  Personally, I’m voting for the latter.

The background: Politico decided to write an article that attempts to answer the eternal question, For just how long will George Soros keep throwing money down the rathole which is the Activist Left*? It’s an interesting question in its own right – the article suggests that Soros is getting pretty darn tired of piling up his money in the policy equivalent of an empty field, then setting the pile on fire – but there was one throwaway line in the piece that made me roll my eyes at what fools these mortals be:

And — like Koch brothers’ philanthropy — the recipients of Soros’s largesse do not all fit into neat liberal-conservative constructs.

Soros’s Open Society Foundations, for instance, have contributed $431,000 since 1996 to the Cato Institute to fund its drug reform, civil liberties and anti-corruption programs. And the Kochs have contributed tens of millions to the arts and cancer research.

OK. Stop right there. Continue reading Politico: Conservatives are pro-cancer!