I enjoyed GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE: I have pre-ordered it; and I think that there’s a decent sequel for it in there, too. I do understand why the critics weren’t highly thrilled about it, mind you. It’s a recreation of the original movie, coupled with the cinematic equivalent of literally everybody involved in the project breaking down after the fifth shot of whiskey and sobbing about why did you have to die, Harold? It’s not fair! It was too soon!

…I can see why that might grate on some critics, and I’m not judging them for having that reaction. They get to like what they like. But then, so do I.



Short version: what a charming film.

Slightly longer version: The GHOSTBUSTERS franchise has always had a problem with its movie sequels. The first one was largely unnecessary, and the reboot was… contentious. But GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE succeeds where the other two failed as an entertaining movie with fun stuff with it. It’s not exactly deep. In fact, it follows much of the plot of the first movie. But people were happy while making it, it shows, and…

[Spoilers! Barely]

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GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE had an above-expectation opening.

Looking good for when I eventually see GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE, although I don’t agree with the very last part here:

Ghostbusters: Afterlife earned a huge win in its first week of release, raking $44 million from 4,315 theaters (following a robust $4.5 million midnight showing), well above industry projections that expected the Jason Reitman comedy to kick off its run with around $30 million, according to Deadline. Considering the extremely positive audience reactions — 96% on RottenTomatoes and an A- CinemaScore — the long-awaited sequel looks like it will enjoy a nice run through the holidays (and hopefully pave the way for a sequel).

I don’t particularly want a sequel. I might actually change my mind when I do see it, but the thought of a sequel doesn’t thrill my soul. An interesting callback to the original will suffice.

ComingSoon’s GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE review makes me want to believe.

They got to see it early, the lucky ducks.

The idea of a Ghostbusters III has been tossed around for decades. But after a lengthy delay, no thanks to the pandemic, we are finally getting a continuation of the two ’80s movies. But our original four Ghostbusters are not the stars of this one, and we instead have a group of kids solving a mystery tied to the Ghostbusters. This could have turned out terribly, similar to the horrifying Ace Ventura Jr. situation, but fortunately, it worked. This movie is a lovely, satisfying sequel to the Ghostbusters films that perfectly combines the new with the old.

It is a measure of the day I’ve had that I am disproportionately pleased to hear that GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE maybe doesn’t suck. This is, like, the first half hour I’ve had to think about the stuff that I wanted to think about. you get days like that, alas.

Quote of the Day, What IS GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE A Sequel Of? edition.

This is an interesting thought.

…I say “proper sequel” loosely as Afterlife more closely resembles a big-screen version of the amazing The Real Ghostbusters animated series that ran from 1986-1991 than the 1984 classic starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Ernie Hudson, and the late Harold Ramis.

That’s not a bad thing.

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